Laundry Duct Cleaning

When any laundry item like bedding is washed, a lot of lint is produces and this accumulated lint into the dryer, over a period of time may generate fires. There may be chances that the lint may block airflow to let the air be hot enough to inflame the lint. Accumulated lint in a dryer duct may lead to some unwanted condition in the premises. This is why D Sol Facilities’ certified professional advice to clean the laundry duct depending on the usage at least once in a year.

There are many benefits of cleaning your dryer vent. Some of them are as below:-

1.Your energy cost is sure to be reduced

2.Regular laundry duct cleaning lead to longer dryer life

3.You may have lower probability of a house fire

4.You may be amazed to know the client satisfaction increases due to higher cloth life

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